Knockers Vs Snodland Community

Win :: Played on Sunday 12th July 2020


Snodland Community

Match Report

Knockers began the delayed season at Snodland last Sunday. The break from cricket did not change the team's punctuality - only Finn and Rory had arrived when the opposition first asked to toss (would have made an interesting pair to open the batting!). As more Knockers gradually arrived Ollie negotiated a victory in the toss and chose to bat. This was captured by Freddie, who unfortunately could not play but had come to watch. He made up for not being allowed to play by providing coverage of the game for the followers of Kent Cricket on Twitter.

Calver and Tom opened the innings. Calver got the season off to a perfect start as he clipped the first ball for six. Tom was unfortunate to get a good yorker and was out in the third over. Calver and Ziggy then put together a strong partnership - they rotated the strike well and hit numerous boundaries. They both were unlucky to be out in the 40s having put Knockers into a very good position. Snellers, suffering from bowling the day before (see the photos), and Ollie came and went quickly. A Snodland player chose to field a hard-hit straight drive from Ollie with his kneecap, which he appeared to regret as the ball ricocheted from mid-off back to the bowler. Kev, a Snodland player, who had kindly agreed to make up the numbers for Knockers batted next. He was particularly excited about the chance to face his son's bowling. Having survived this spell, he further capitalised on playing against his son: Kev picked out his son on the boundary, however, although his son held a good catch, he stepped over the boundary and his celebrations were cut short as he realised his dad had just hit a six. Lawrence was the next man in for Knockers. He played a very good innings, hitting several sixes far into the water works next to the pitch. He was stumped, looking for another six to bring up a well-deserved half-century. Finn came in last and enjoyed a brief innings against a 13 year-old and their younger brother.

Due to the new restrictions, everyone provided their own tea.

Neil and Rory opened the bowling for Knockers and both completed very impressive eight over spells, particularly as this was the first game of the season. Rory quickly found his area and continually troubled the batsmen with some movement. He deserved more than the two wickets which he picked up. Neil bowled a perfect length and effectively tied down the other end. He was well-supported in the field as he claimed three wickets, including their dangerous opening bat. Ziggy, Ollie and Tom all held on to good catches as Knockers picked up five early wickets. The pressure was not released as the change bowlers continued the good work. Tom took over from Rory and the batsmen struggled to cope with his left-arm angle. He clean bowled two batsmen and picked up a third from a very good catch by Ollie. After Ollie had surprised the opposition captain with his pace, he replaced himself with Kev. Kev continued well and while he did not dismiss his son, picked up a wicket to cap a good all-round performance. Lawrence finished off the match as he picked up the final wicket in his only over. This was caught by Rory, who having dropped his initial attempt, still managed to complete the catch.

This was a very impressive team performance from Knockers with three batsmen making runs and Neil, Rory and Tom leading the way with the ball - it was hard to tell that this was the first game of the season. Despite the margin of victory, the game was played in good spirits and was enjoyed by all.




Batsman  How Out  4s  6s  Runs
Richard Calver  caught   6  1  41
Tom Elliot  bowled   0  0  0
David Bowen  caught   6  0  42
Ollie Marsh  caught   1  0  7
Paul Seldon  stumped   0  0  3
Kevin Vernon  not out   3  1  25
Lawrence Mayne  stumped   6  4  45
Finn Kinsler O'Sullivan  not out   1  0  9
Neil Dave  dnb   0  0  0
Rory Goodson  dnb   0  0  0



Bowler    Overs    Mdns    Runs    Wkts
Rory Goodson    8.0    1    232
Neil Dave    8.0    1    243
Tom Elliot    3.0    0    123
Ollie Marsh    4.0    0    60
Kevin Vernon    3.0    0    31
David Bowen    1.0    0    10
Lawrence Mayne    1.0    1    01


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