Knockers Vs Eridge

Lose :: Played on Sunday 16th August 2020



Match Report

The moment had come. A backs-to-the-wall nine-man Knockers had done well to limit Eridge to 144 off 29 of their rain affected 30 overs. The clouds parted and a single ray of sun pierced the bruised sky and picked out the gloved lionheart that is Oli Boreham.

The moment of light did little to warm the spirits of the Eridge willow bearers. An ill-wind blew across the normally friendly high-ground as the cherry was taken. Rawlins, a man returned to the fold, was not ready for the effects of this. His hair grew and his stance widened as the ghost of Byron demanded a host so that he could witness this moment of verse embodied.

Each release was shock and wonder. The Eridge batsmen, tears in their eyes, were no longer players - they were merely pawns in a greater game of chess. That their bats happened upon abundant runs mattered not. This over will never be over - those nine brave Knockers both scarred and forever fortified by six swooning, soaring, scintillating moments.

Why speak of anything else?



Batsman  How Out  4s  6s  Runs
David Bowen  caught   0  0  9
Oli Boreham  caught   0  0  16
Guy Howe  caught   0  0  6
James Rawlins  bowled   0  0  13
Paul Seldon  lbw   0  0  48
Ollie Marsh  bowled   0  0  1
James Thompson  bowled   0  0  21
Christian Kutner  not out   0  0  3
Rory Goodson  lbw   0  0  0



Bowler    Overs    Mdns    Runs    Wkts
Ollie Marsh    6.0    1    104
Rory Goodson    6.0    0    191
Christian Kutner    6.0    0    380
James Thompson    5.0    0    404
David Bowen    6.0    0    350
Oli Boreham    1.0    0    170




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