Knockers Vs Hadlow

Win :: Played on Sunday 13th September 2020



Match Report

Luke Andrew made his mark on a win at Hadlow to close the season. The final score hides a much needed 56 from Ted with Luke contributing 38 to a team steadying partnership before he went on to take two catches, add a wicket of his own and affect a run out via a direct hit.

Captain Ted sent in Josh and Finn to begin our innings on a fine September afternoon. They met the parsimonious Horne and testing but erratic, Repath. Josh’s forward defence saw him navigate a tricky start, picking off rare bad balls while Finn and soon after, JT fell when Repath got it right, the latter unfortunate to get one early on.

Callum attacked with a lot of back foot play, either textbook defence or smash to the nearest handy boundary. In breaking the shackles, he allowed Ted time to settle in after Josh finally lost his battle with Horne. Callum and Ted took us to the halfway point with 74 on the board.

First change accounted for Callum’s stumps, Scott followed bemused by one that looked safe and it brought Luke to the crease with much to do. Ted was looking imperious despite nearly getting done by a slower ball. The captain handled playing on a wicket that had a sense of humour, ticking the score along while Luke helped himself. A lofted straight drive was helped over the line early on and he got another maximum before Hadlow’s tidy keeper pouched another Knocker. The pair had added 70-odd to get us to the 150 mark.

Ivor’s nervy start settled down to enjoy some helpful bowling. Ted was now forcing things and it cost him a deserved not out as the timbers went. Ziggy, watched over by his dad, Tim, cracked on early but after an Ivor pull for six to the longest boundary, Hadlow stemmed the flow despite Knockers breaching the 200 mark.

At the break, Knockers attempted to worry the oppo with ramp drills while Finley gave his dad a few batting tips out in the middle, alas too late for this summer. Ken Cowan had nestled into his chair with some binoculars to enjoy the action.

Lawrence thundered in, beginning with a maiden and only giving away eleven runs off the next five overs. A few edges were scant reward for an excellent spell. Ivor was having more trouble containing Repath and Millen, the latter was particularly enjoying himself when Ivor found the edge and Callum took a beauty at second slip just as Knockers began to wonder if Hadlow’s chase would be quick work.

Ted then bagged Repath, a top edge looping to Luke who started with the gloves. The pair combined again following Ivor taking over keeping duties (later helping Scott to one) and with Ted’s sterling work done, he ceded to Ali. Ziggy was ripping it up at the other end by now but Hadlow were building again with Stevenson and McDonald. It took an arcing, dipping pill from Zigzag to beat the former while McDonald would eventually be undone by, you guessed it, Luke splitting the woodwork with his own handy work.

Basham’s figures were not helped by some iffy fielding by Scott but the old campaigner redeemed himself when brought on with a double wicket maiden and but for a last second intervention, he was oh so close to a hat trick. Throw in a near caught and bowled first ball and Ted’s ‘I’m not counting you as a bowler, I bring you on when something needs to happen’ speech at the interval remained brutal but proved portentous. JT got a smart over in wearing his new Knockers top before Luke, concerned that five minutes had passed without his influence, rounded off proceedings with a run out, a sharp direct hit with about two stumps in view.

It was a great game against decent oppo that play in much the way Knockers do - good cricket when it’s on, funny when it’s not. Ziggy moves into the top 50 Knockers for both batting and bowling, Ted furthers himself having already made it. Nice way to wrap up the summer. It brings out the poet in one...

Luke did bowl
And Luke did bat
A run out too
And two he did catch
If he made tea
It would be a feast
But on this fine day
He was a cricketing beast



Batsman  How Out  4s  6s  Runs
Josh Wade  bowled   3  0  19
Finn Kinsler OSullivan  caught   3  0  8
James Thompson  caught   0  0  1
Callum McCulloch  bowled   3  0  20
Ted Marsh  bowled   8  1  56
Scott Landers  bowled   0  0  3
Luke Andrew  caught   4  3  38
Ivor Green  not out   2  1  22
David Bowen  not out   3  0  16
Alistair Basham  dnb   0  0  0
Lawrence Mayne  dnb   0  0  0



Bowler    Overs    Mdns    Runs    Wkts
Lawrence Mayne    6.0    1    110
Ivor Green    4.0    0    341
Ted Marsh    5.0    1    222
David Bowen    7.0    0    171
Alistair Basham    7.0    0    470
Scott Landers    2.0    1    42
James Thompson    1.0    0    60


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