Knockers Vs Lemmings

Winning Draw :: Played on Sunday 4th June 2006



Match Report

An all time club record partnership of 222 runs was the highlight of Knockers' exciting winning draw against Lemmings at St Lawrence on Sunday. Knockers, having won the toss and batted first, lost two wickets early on but debutant Alex Rayner (114no) immediately took the fight to the opposition, hitting several sixes amongst many boundaries in his innings. He was backed up by Stuart Seldon (110no) and the pair batted serenely through to an imposing declaration at 275-2.

Knockers felt confident after this performance and enjoyed another excellent tea from Guthrie and Helen. The Lemmings however refused to lie down in their own innings and immediately took the fight to the opposition, with an opening stand of 195, and with 10 overs to go only 75 runs were required. This looked very achieveable considering the high run rates throughout the day. However, it was man of the match Rayner who slowed the run rate down in partnership with Paul Seldon as both took two wickets, and the middle order Lemmings batsmen struggled against the greater accuracy. Lemmings only needed 28 from the final two overs but were eventually unable to challenge the target and finished 23 runs short on 252-5 to claim a losing draw.



Batsman  How Out  4s  6s  Runs
Stuart Seldon  not out   0  0  110
Paul Styles  lbw   0  0  6
Paul Seldon  bowled   0  0  9
Alex Raynor  not out   0  0  114
Joe Druce-Smith  dnb   0  0  0
Geoff Smith  dnb   0  0  0
Guthrie Miller  dnb   0  0  0
Andrew Boxall  dnb   0  0  0
David Brigden  dnb   0  0  0
Ben Rumary  dnb   0  0  0
Ken Cowan  dnb   0  0  0



Bowler    Overs    Mdns    Runs    Wkts
Ben Rumary    6.0    1    260
Andrew Boxall    5.0    0    230
David Brigden    4.0    0    340
Ken Cowan    6.0    0    400
Guthrie Miller    4.0    0    351
Paul Seldon    8.0    0    392
Alex Raynor    7.0    0    312




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