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Knockers Vs Staplehurst

Knockers Win :: Played on Sunday 13th August 2017

A fine victory on a lovely track at Staplehurst left the valiant Knockers on a 7 game winning streak, as the season draws nearer to a close.

The only thing that makes Captain Landers' catching look prolific is his ability to lose the toss. They put the Knockers in for a bat. The sun was beaming as openers Scott Landers and Ed Marsh took to the middle. Some beautiful shots ensued as they put on 72 for the first wicket. A lovely drive down the ground from Scott was the highlight.
Unfortunately his wicket fell, caught at point. Paul Seldon was in next, under the gaze of his dad (the original Mr Seldon, who received a round of applause for his contributions to the club) on the boundary.

Ed and Paul formed a lovely show, putting on a second wicket century partnership before Paul was caught on the boundary following a pulled shot. Duke entered, fell. Kuts next, but it was Ed who couldn't hold on. He was in full flow when caught on the longest boundary. But his brother's top score was beaten, so he was happy.

In came new comer Will Pierce, who after some lovely shots was viciously run out by Kuts. A true Knockers welcome. The Aviator (older Doubleday) came in exclusively with the edge of his bat and saw the innings through with Gerald, whose new batting grip caused a stir. Knockers finished on 228-7.

Tea was a major success and while the team listened to the captain himself discuss a very different type of innings to the one witnessed. Paul was intrigued.

The Knockers came on to the field ready to defend the reasonable total. Goodson and Kuts bowling pace at the early batsman, with Goodson picking up both early wickets. Kuts was in fine form with only 28 runs coming off the first ten.

Scott's bowling rotation policy left the Aviator and Ed Marsh at either end. It was a good cop bad cop scenario I think. What we will say is that the Aviator was getting flight but must try landing on the runway, conceding 44 in his 3 overs. A fine spell from a man sent from another era, Zac Hay. His beard flowing in the wind as he went. Watching him in the button down shirt evoked thoughts of sepia toned photographs. Two more fell to his hairsuite spin, with Snellers stumping a beardwildered batsman for one of them.

Some varied bowling ensued with some cultured fielding, until Marsh, Kutner and Duke returned and cleaned up with the help of Snellers' excellent wicket keeping. The two fielding highlights come from Scott Landers and Will Pierce's dad. The latter came to watch in his cycling gear and left in cricket whites having watched Will take a solid catch. The former gave the whole side pleasure with two simple catches that were put down. Including their centurion while on 10. Lead from the front as they say. He did bag the final catch to send our overseas spinner, Duke off with another scalp completing a fine spell with the club.

So another good performance from the Knockers, who march on to the last part of the season.

Bye bye from the Duke.


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Match Overview


202 - 10


Scott Landers


Ted Marsh


Paul Seldon


Charles Doubleday-Potts


Christian Kutner


William Pierce


William Doubleday-Potts

3 no

Gerald McBrearty


Rory Goodson


Zac Hay


Duncan Pierce



Rory Goodson


Christian Kutner


Ted Marsh


William Doubleday-Potts


Zac Hay


William Pierce


Charles Doubleday-Potts


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