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Guy Howe
Ball of the Century

A gifted, entertainer, strong puller and hooker of the ball! Sadly this talented individual has been sidelined since 2005 with a very serious injury sustained after he was attacked by a 50 strong gang of homeless vagrants in Houston Texas. Attending the N.A.S.A centre (see occupation) he witnessed a young (prom queen) being harassed and after intervening was set upon and after fighting off at least 20 was hit by a sledge hammer breaking his tibia and fibula. In 2010 after years battling against injury and alcoholism and sex addiction, Guy chose to hang up his spikes and pursue his passion for umpiring .

Some facts

Date of Birth - 23rd February in the year of our lord 1976.

Club Debut - Sissinghurst, May 1999, 36 not out

Marital Status - Single. Intend to remain so as women are not as intelligent as me.

Occupation - Space Insurance Broker and Author

Favourite Drink - Chateau Lafitte 1961

Favourite Food - Foie Gras

Type of Music listened to - Electric Light Orchestra, Cat Stevens, Iron Maiden, Snowy White

Hero/Heroine - Alan Whicker (slick), Mrs Maggie 'The Iron Lady' Thatcher

Pet Hates - European Integration, Guardian Readers, Left Wing Teachers, Chelsea Neanderthal Supporters

Favourite Place - Selsey Bill, France and South Beach Miami

Most Hated Place - Any Tesco store. A place where the lobotomised masses gather

Newspaper Read - Daily Telegraph

Most Drunk Occasion - Thursday 26th November 2006. Delano Hotel, Miami, USA!

Favourite Knockers Player - Corin Spencer-Allen

Describe Yourself in Five words - Highly dangerous to young women


Current Season



Matches: 3

Overs: 5

Innings: 3

Maidens: 0

Runs: 32

Runs: 37

High score: 23

Wickets: 0

100s: 0

Best: 0-0

Average: 10.67

Average: N/A

Overall Record
1999 - 2018



Matches: 103

Overs: 162.9

Innings: 83

Maidens: 8

Runs: 1216

Runs: 830

High score: 62

Wickets: 41

100s: 0

Best: 4-46

Average: 18.15

Average: 20.24

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