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Seb Horner

A butcher by trade, Seb walked away from the trade after seeing his prime cuts wasted on Lady Gaga's infamous dress. He became vegan and a spiritual leader of the Siddha Yoga path finding perfect harmony with the bat for Knockers. Oooohmmmm.

Some facts

Date of Birth -

Club Debut - 2011 - Tri North

Marital Status - Undecided

Occupation - Bobby Dazzler

Favourite Drink - Black Russian

Favourite Food - Mushy Peas

Type of Music listened to - Shabba Ranks

Hero/Heroine - Dangermouse

Pet Hates - Espadrilles

Favourite Place - In a Knockers shirt

Most Hated Place - Walking back to the pav.

Newspaper Read - Horse and Hound

Most Drunk Occasion - That would be telling

Favourite Knockers Player - Uncle Stu

Describe Yourself in Five words - Is this factually accurate stuff?


Current Season



Matches: 6

Overs: 32.1

Innings: 5

Maidens: 3

Runs: 97

Runs: 119

High score: 35

Wickets: 10

100s: 0

Best: 4-27

Average: 24.25

Average: 11.9

Overall Record
2011 - 2017



Matches: 20

Overs: 86.1

Innings: 18

Maidens: 5

Runs: 424

Runs: 411

High score: 101

Wickets: 22

100s: 1

Best: 4-27

Average: 26.5

Average: 18.68

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