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Keith Miller Match
Sunday 16th September 2018

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Scott and Ollie.


James and Ben.

Guy Howe.

Tom gets cracking.

Ollie bowls to Ben.

Oof! Says Ben.

Guy batting.

James Rawlins.

Gups in fine form.

Pete the Feet..

Off to lunch.

Pete Smith again.

Bob Golds.

Ted Marsh.

Geoff Smith.

Dick Bates.

Pete treats us to a fine speech.

Snellers, Hitch, Golds and Sims listen.

Ollie, Ed and Ziggy.

Dt, Guido and Tom.

Geoff and Lynden.

Dan Turner flies in.

Ed Springett gets hold of one.

A few caps among the slips.

Richard Calver bats superbly.

Matt Landers.

Lando hears the rattle.

Crowding the bat.

Guthrie leads them off.

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